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Our Kindergarten program offers a learning environment that provides each child with the basis for experiencing success and developing personally. The activities help each student gain a solid foundation for Grade 1 and future learning.

What do children learn in Kindergarten at Keenooshayo?
- Early literacy and numeracy skills
- Social development
- Independence
- Communication/oral language skills
- Science, social studies, and the arts (crafts, dramatic play, music)
- Environmental education
- Feelings of self-worth
- Creativity
- Initiative
- Problem solving skills (academic, social, behavioral)
- Emergent technology skills
- Fine/gross-motor skills

The Kindergarten program at Keenooshayo is based on the following beliefs:
- Individual and differentiated learning
- Purposeful play and cooperation
- Student motivation and engagement
- Hands-on learning and activities
- Cross-age activities
- Collaborative classroom experiences
- Parental involvement and participation
- Community services and engagement
- Investigation and inquiry

Learning formats you will find in our Kindergarten program:
Independent activities
- Small group activities
- Large group activities
- Dynamic work spaces
- Learning centers
- Peer-to-peer learning

Staff Meetings

Kindergarten children do not attend school on staff meeting days, which fall on the first Wednesday of each month except September.

Keenooshayo Elementary School